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Self Defence Combat Academy

Online Self Defence Courses From Dave Putnam

Welcome To Self Defence Combat Academy

Hello and welcome to Self Defence Combat Academy. 

My name is David Putnam, I've been training martial arts for over two decades and I am extremely passionate about teaching Martial Arts and Self Defence. 

For the last 25 years I have been training in many different styles of fighting. This has given me a huge amount of skill and knowledge that I want to pass on to you. 

I have put together a system that focuses on simple and easy to apply Self Defence. In fact, it’s so simple that you can learn techniques almost instantly.

Davids Qualifications

Pressure Point Fighting 1st Dan Black Belt, Russell Stutley

Open Circle Fight Method Coach and 3rd Dan Black belt under Russell Stutely

Pressure Point Defensive Tactics Level 5

International Instructor - Russell Stutely

Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level 3 Instructor - Kyusho Jitsu - Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu 2nd Dan Black Belt - Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu level 2 international instructor - Grand Master Art Mason

Muay Thai International Association - Trainer and Kru - GM Toddy

Tai Chi Instructor - Jesse Tsao

About Your Instructor

David Putnam

David Putnam has been training in Martial Arts for over 25 years. His started learning Karate and Teakwondo when he was 8 years old . Since then he has furthered his training and has certified in Muay Thai, Kyusho Jitsu, Tai Chi and Self defence/Pressure Points Systems. He has also trained for years in many other styles like, Wing chun, Boxing, Combat Hapkido, Kali, Panantukan(Filipino Boxing), Silat and Kung Fu. His passion is helping regular people learn self defence skills quickly and easily.