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How To Win A Street Fight

Learn how to instantly win a street fight and return home safely to your family!

Welcome To How To Win A Street Fight

Unleash your inner warrior and learn the secrets to surviving and winning a street fight with our comprehensive course. 

Equip yourself with the skills and techniques needed to defend yourself against any attacker and come out on top in any situation.

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What You Will Learn In This Course!

Crippling Elbow Strikes

With a single crushing blow, a crippling elbow strike can render an opponent powerless, making it a formidable weapon in any fight.

Joint Locks & Bone Breaks

Joint locks and breaks are the silent assassins of combat, using leverage to twist and contort an opponent's limb until they are forced to submit or risk permanent injury.

Destroying the Hands

A well-placed strike to the hands can render an opponent's greatest weapon useless, leaving them vulnerable and powerless against further attacks.

Attacking the eyes

Attacking the eyes is a brutal tactic, exploiting a human's most sensitive organ to induce pain, blur vision, and destroy an opponent's ability to fight back.

Damaging the biceps & triceps 

In self defence, damaging an opponent's biceps and triceps can disable their arm, reducing their ability to attack, grab, or defend, making it a powerful move to neutralise a threat.

Effective flow drill

Flow drills are the lifeblood of martial arts, seamlessly linking techniques together to create a fluid and instinctive response to any situation, turning muscle memory into a reflex.

Understanding grabs and holds

Understanding grabs and holds is crucial in self defence, allowing one to control an opponent's movements, neutralise their strikes, and ultimately turn the tables in a confrontation.

Head protection

In a fight, protecting one's head is of utmost importance, as even a single blow to the head can lead to disorientation, unconsciousness, or even death.

Forearm Conditioning 

Forearm conditioning is the unsung hero of martial arts, turning flimsy arms into formidable shields against strikes and allowing one to grip with iron-like strength.

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